27th July 2018

Tourism is a Plague

There are way too many tourists in New Zealand and it has become like a plague. The number of tourist in New Zealand is increasing like the price of gas, which is nothing to laugh at because These two rises aren’t a coincidence.  Just last year there was 3, 805,000 tourists in New Zealand. That’s just about the same as another New Zeland visiting the country. all though they don’t come all at once, tourist generally come at specific times of the year like winter and summer. They also go to specific areas of the country. This gets really busy and can overcrowd small towns like Wanaka.

Tourism has become like a plague by the way it is increasing in the numbers of tourist and that it is becoming dangerous. The reasons for tourism is becoming dangerous is because of all the side effects of having so many people and having to cater for so many people.

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