16th October 2018

Tourism is a Plague Article

There are way too many tourists in New Zealand and it has become like a plague. For those who don’t know a plague is a bacterial disease. This bacteria is generally found in rodents. The number of tourist in New Zealand is increasing like the price of gas, which is nothing to laugh at because These two rises aren’t a coincidence.  Just last year there was 3, 805,000 tourists in New Zealand. That’s just about the same as another New Zeland visiting the country. all though they don’t come all at once, tourist generally come at specific times of the year like winter and summer. They also go to specific areas of the country. This gets really busy and can overcrowd small towns like Wanaka. This mass overcrowding reminds me of a similar problem that’s going around, which is Dairy farming. This is because a lot of dairy farmers trying to make the big bucks try and use their land “efficiently” by putting as many cattle in one paddock as they can. This causes a lot of pollution and is really bad for the ecosystem. Doesn’t sound good when New Zealand supposed to be clean and green.

Tourism has become like a plague by the way it is increasing in the numbers of tourist and that it is becoming dangerous. The reasons for tourism becoming dangerous is because of all the side effects of having so many people and having to cater for so many people. The negative effects of these tourists include litter, erosion, livestock disturbance, and tourist drivers. These occur because of the lack of knowledge, no respect,  poor awareness and no planning. One of the major issues comes from the tourist drivers. A lot of them have come from halfway around the world with different rules, regulation, and licenses. These people are then allowed to come over and drive on our roads without being tested with New Zealand’s rules and regulation. This means that they’re driving on our roads without any knowledge traffic signals and road rules. Some of these people have come from areas where they drive on the other side of the road and what’s to say they don’t forget while there coming round a blind corner

Tourism in New Zealand is described as a moneymaker for all sorts of different people with large or small businesses and is known for how good it is for the economy. In 2017 there was 3,733, 707 million people visiting as a tourist to New Zealand. From all those people and the effect of all those people in New Zealand, it brought 34 billion dollars into the economy. This may sound like a lot but for every person, this averages out to only $ 9714 person each visit, but this is then split into an average intended time spent of 18 days. So for every tourist that comes to New Zealand, they spend an average of $ 539 dollars a day. This may sound like a lot of money, but not if they are going come and trash the areas, leave traces of feces and drop their litter everywhere. And this generally happens where the government is using our taxpayer’s money to build and repair these resources. There are no areas in the world that are meant to be treated like this, especially a beautiful like New Zealand.

Tourism has become a plague in New Zealand. This because it is continuing to increase and it has plenty of bad side effects, the only positive thing it brings to New Zealand is money and that doesn’t solve everything. This is not always good because New Zealand’s selling point in tourism is its nature and pristine and green environment and the chances of it staying like that with all these tourist coming in are slim and trying to use all the money we’re bringing in to repair and replace our environment is not going to happen. Even if we could no one is going to give up their money from tourist to pay for the mistakes tourist make because it’s not like all the money brought in by tourist goes to the government. That’s why tourism has become a Plague

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