15th May 2018

The Carter Effect

Film Study

In 1995 the NBA decided to add a new team into the league. This new team was gonna be from Canada, they were called the Toronto Raptors. This was a really interesting decision by the Nation Basketball Association because Canada was not a big basketball playing country, their sport was ice hockey. This meant for a few years the Toronto Raptors weren’t a popular team in Canada or even America, many people in Canada wouldn’t even watch basketball or play basketball. Parents would sign their kids up for hockey, not basketball. This meant it was going take a while for basketball to take off in Canada. For the next two years since the Raptors joined the NBA, they had been struggling a lot. This meant that over the next few years they would be able to be in the lottery to gain high draft picks and put the future of their franchise in young

In the 1997 NBA draft, the Toronto Raptors picked a young basketball phenom, Tracy McGrady with 6th pick straight out of high school. This would be very important part of the evolution in basketball for Toronto. This is because of an open gym that summer Tracy McGrady found out that he was cousins with Toronto’s soon to be superstar. This would help the well developed collegiate star in his decision wanting to go to Toronto if he was available for them. In the 1998 NBA Draft, The Toronto Raptors picked Antwan Jamison with the fourth pick overall………. and with the fifth pick, the Golden state warriors picked Vince Carter. The confusion was felt between the Jamison and Carter families and they were sure that they were going to the opposite Franchise. They were later relieved when they found out they were going to be traded back to their expected franchise.



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