22nd February 2018

Practice Paragraph


Just about 26 years ago the first text was sent, “Merry Christmas” This has then turned into a….that now happens just about every second of the day and the modification to texting the new generation has made is extravagant. They have made texting quicker and more efficient than its ever been. This is by shortening words into abbreviation (initialisation) and things like emojis which are a picture that is used to show more than words or to shorten what you are writing. for example, a laughing face emoji would be used instead of writing hahaha.

An Abbreviation is a way of shortening a word or sentence so that you don’t have to say the whole thing or for this generation, type or text the whole thing. An abbreviation that is often used when texting is WUU2. This is used to say “what you up two.” It has been shortened because it makes it easier and quicker while texting. This is one way we modify our written language in order to make it quicker and easier when typing and texting. When using the abbreviation WUU2 it speeds up the process of the question because it only requires 4 key presses rather than 14 key presses when you text the properly written language version. This one of the reason why people shorten and make abbreviation because it is an efficient way to text.


Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelt different, can come from a different origin and have different meanings. An example of a homophone is “a pair of socks” or “I’m eating a pear.” They both sound the same (pronunciation) but one is something you eat and the other is two parts or pieces together. These could be used in texting if one of the meanings have an emoji. For example, you could say can you get me a (pear emoji) of socks. This could be a quicker way of texting.



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  1. This analysis is clear and precise. It will set you up well for an entire essay on the way we modify language.


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