4th September 2018

My All American

In the film My All American, it shows a young aspiring American Football player, Freddie Steinmark who is working on making a living playing football in the future. Through the film, he is constantly practicing and working on his football skills. His plan is to make his high school football team, then get a scholarship to play for a college football team and finally the National Football League(NFL). In the film, Freddie is constantly pushing himself to the limit, working hard and not giving up. These characteristics are what get’s him into the football teams and why he was loved by everyone. whilst all this work on his football Freddie was still really academic with a 4.0 GPA. 

This is a great film for showing how your character and drive is what counts the most. This is because in the film Freddie believes that he already has the willpower and fight to make the all the teams and that his dream will work out. This dream is to make his hometown Colorado college football team then go to the Denver Broncos. This dream starts very slow as Freddie has not received any offers from Colorado on even any other school.  

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