20th February 2018

conversation transcript

Wesley- Hey josh Wud?

Josh- not much wuu2

Wesley- I haven’t been up-to much either, was thinking of going to the rec you keen?

Josh- yeah sure, what time #grinddontstop

Wesley- I was thinking around 3, should we grab Flynn and Tait is well?

Josh- 3’s good, yeah ask them as well

Wesley- Ok onto it, gotta get that work in 🙂

Josh- #NBAREADY2K20 #lockedin

Wesley- Plz stop with the hashtags

Josh – #hatersgonnahate

Wesley- You also down to play some Fortnite later, Squad up?

Josh- yeah sure let’s get that dub, 20 kill squad challenge?

Wesley- 20 kills, piece of cake, I can do that in my sleep…… no, I cant

Josh- let’s get Jesse and Flynn to play so we don’t have to talk to randoms again like skeleton256

Wesley- Bringing in the dream team!!! 🙂

Josh – let’s just hope my internet doesn’t cut out again, anyway see you at rec

Wesley- Ok catch up soon, don’t forget your ball.

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