Dear Sir/Madam

Ever since I have been very young I have had a strong interest In the making and eating of food. My mum liked to get me involved because it was what she enjoyed as well, so she wanted me to see what it was like and why she enjoyed it so much. Lately, I have also started cooking for the family more because my mum is away often on work leave or it is part of my home economics work. I like to eat homemade and professionally (from a restaurant) cooked food because I love how it makes me feel when I enjoy the meal and I know that is good for me and not been made in a factory. Food is a real passion of mine thanks to my mum and it would be a privilege to pursue a job in it because I believe the more I am into and enjoy my work the more I would push myself into working hard and only settling for excellence and I know that’s what I would want from someone if I was eating their food.

There are many qualities that I could bring to the job that you are offering. The qualities I could bring to the job would be patience, persistence, loyalty, ability to take criticism, hard work, a listener and I am also a reliable person who will always show up on time and hand things in on time. I believe these qualities could improve the environment that I am put in. This is because I would be able to take orders or instruction and be able to complete the task at a high standard and be finished on time. I am a person who is able to take criticism and about a weakness a turn into a strength. Evidence for this is when I played rugby. This is because I was often the smallest or youngest player on the field, yet I would use that as motivation to play my best and In 2015 I gained U14 best all-around player in my rugby team as well as in 2017 U15 tournament I gained MVP out of the team.

The qualities that I’m listing may not have been proven in a job I have had as I have never been involved in any serious job with registered work hours and for any serious amount of time, yet I believe that my work around school and my attitude towards sports, support those qualities I possess. In my whole school life at MAC, I can safely say that I haven’t been late to class more than once or twice in 4 years and I am always ready with whatever I need for the time. In school, I also participate in home economics as a subject. This is where I have picked up extra skills in cooking foods as well as a wide range of nutritional facts for balanced diets and a variety of needs like vegetarians and intolerances. This subject contains loads of informational and skill-based work to prepare me for a job in the food industry.

Achievements that I have accomplished throughout the years are NCEA level 1, Merrit Endorsed Physical Education at level 1, Mount Aspiring U15 rugby MVP for tournament week, Upper Clutha U14 best all-around player, U38 and U48 central Otago Rugby team, was named as godfather to my cousin, I passed every Level 1 home economics assessment. These Achievements are just some of the evidence that shows my qualities. For example, I was named godfather to my cousin because I was good at working and spending with my cousins. While looking after them I have to be very patient because they can be difficult and slow to understand when they are asking for something or explaining something.

The job that I’m applying for consist of a need for a well-rounded person with many different skills instead of focusing on one in particular. They need a strong knowledge of food and nutrition because of the variety of jobs and that are involved in the industry. These days things are constantly evolving but when you think of food, you would think of traditional recipes and following the recipe. This may be true for some people but just like everything else people are evolving there imagination of food ideas which means that you have to be very creative and full of new ideas to wow people with what they’re eating.

When achieving my U14 best all-around player for my upper Clutha rugby team I faced many challenges that show who I am as a person today. This is because back then I was the smallest player on the team and usually the field. I also played blindside flanker where I have to make lot’s of tackles rather than hiding at the back playing halfback out of the way. This shows that I am continually faced with new challenges and obstacles of how I was going to make defensive plays or get a turnover and help the team. This shows my persistence skills, a never give up attitude as well as a lead by example character to encourage and influence others. This is because I am not as good at leading with words but am willing to learn for the future.

I believe I am worthy of the Job you are offering due to the skills I have notified you of. These skills all have qualities that can improve any workplace by far.

Yours Sincerely Josh

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