15th October 2018

Lebron James Article Update

Type: Article Writer: Marc Stein

In the summer of 2018, Lebron James became a free agent after spending the last four years in Cleveland. All the talk leading up to this was where he would go after the season finished and in not much time at all, James announced his signing with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are one of the best Franchises in league history with 16 championships to there name, the second most in the league. LA is also a city of bright lights and expectation of getting things done. They have also had some of the best players ever play for the team who are loved by the Laker fans and are often playing in Televised games compared to the likes of Cleveland. Thus putting tremendous pressure on Lebron as he is regarded as the best player in the world right now and one of the top 10 greatest players ever already and with the Lakers not making the playoffs in five seasons, its longest playoff drought ever by the club, he has a lot of work to do. 

Showtime is regarded as one of the best eras in Lakers basketball history and also one of the more exciting and fun. The Showtime era was started by Magic Johnson a great player who loved having fun on the basketball court before any thought it was cool to do so. His energy and pace lifted the crowd and made it easy for the Lakers to score and during this time they won five championships and now that the talk is Lebron and the young lakers will bring showtime back put’s added pressure on the 34-year-old veteran to get it done before his clock runs out. 

This new season also brings on the new challenge for LeBron of playing in the western conference. For Lebron’s whole career he has played in the East so he is constantly facing what most people would say are easier teams however now he will be playing tougher teams night in and night out.

If Lebron were to make this happen and bring back the buzz and excitement back to LA it would be extraordinary. At his age and with the inexperienced players around him, he has a lot of work and chemistry building ahead. However, there is no other man on Earth who could do this. The amount of times he has been able to lift and lead his team no matter the circumstance. This buzz is because everyone likes Lebron and he is a real role model. He has not had a scratch on his Career. This mega fan base would certainly bring the Buzz back as long as they could get some wins.

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