There are way too many tourists in New Zealand and it has become like a plague. The number of tourist in New Zealand is increasing like the price of gas, which is nothing to laugh at because These two rises aren’t a coincidence.  Just last year there was 3, 805,000 tourists in New Zealand. That’s just about […]

I strongly believe that my teacher or any teacher can’t throughout a student during class time.

Dear Sir/Madam Ever since I have been very young I have had a strong interest In the making and eating of food. My mum liked to get me involved because it was what she enjoyed as well, so she wanted me to see what it was like and why she enjoyed it so much. Lately I have […]

Dear Madam/Sir I am writing to apply for this job to gain my building apprenticeship. Ever since I was little there have been opportunities for me to be involved building or tradesman work. This is because I used to go with my dad to work some days during the weekend and learn the basic skills for […]

Film Study In 1995 the NBA decided to add a new team into the league. This new team was gonna be from Canada, they were called the Toronto Raptors. This was a really interesting decision by the Nation Basketball Association because Canada was not a big basketball playing country, their sport was ice hockey. This […]

Strength with people: I am a very reliable person and don’t let people down. A strength of personal discipline/ self-management: I will always show up on time and are very punctual A skill you have: A skill I have would be patience. I am willing for things to take time for it to work out. […] reading journal: text 1 (malice in the palace) On November 19th, 2004 at the palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan an unreal event occurred that has changed the NBA forever. A hostile Detroit crowd that escalated an event that was already more than it needed to be. An out of control brawl between two fierce rivals […]

  Just about 26 years ago the first text was sent, “Merry Christmas” This has then turned into a….that now happens just about every second of the day and the modification to texting the new generation has made is extravagant. They have made texting quicker and more efficient than its ever been. This is by […]

Wesley- Hey josh Wud? Josh- not much wuu2 Wesley- I haven’t been up-to much either, was thinking of going to the rec you keen? Josh- yeah sure, what time #grinddontstop Wesley- I was thinking around 3, should we grab Flynn and Tait is well? Josh- 3’s good, yeah ask them as well Wesley- Ok onto […]

Josh- So Lakers and Wizards play today Wesley- Wizards are gonna win I reckon Josh- You sure? Wesley- Yeah Josh- Can they shoot good enough? Wesley- Bradley Beal’s been on fire recently Josh- I mean he’s been struggling in the 4th quarter Wesley- True true, isn’t John Wall injured as well? Josh- Yeah, although Lonzo’s […]