reading journal: text 1 (malice in the palace) On November 19th, 2004 at the palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan an unreal event occurred that has changed the NBA forever. A hostile Detroit crowd that escalated an event that was already more than it needed to be. An out of control brawl between two fierce rivals […]

  Just about 26 years ago the first text was sent, “Merry Christmas” This has then turned into a….that now happens just about every second of the day and the modification to texting the new generation has made is extravagant. They have made texting quicker and more efficient than its ever been. This is by […]

Wesley- Hey josh Wud? Josh- not much wuu2 Wesley- I haven’t been up-to much either, was thinking of going to the rec you keen? Josh- yeah sure, what time #grinddontstop Wesley- I was thinking around 3, should we grab Flynn and Tait is well? Josh- 3’s good, yeah ask them as well Wesley- Ok onto […]

Josh- So Lakers and Wizards play today Wesley- Wizards are gonna win I reckon Josh- You sure? Wesley- Yeah Josh- Can they shoot good enough? Wesley- Bradley Beal’s been on fire recently Josh- I mean he’s been struggling in the 4th quarter Wesley- True true, isn’t John Wall injured as well? Josh- Yeah, although Lonzo’s […]

phone rings yeh ow fanks for answering geezer, ya know what I mean gimme dat where you been fool makin us rince out our credit, leaving you messages and all dat Mr dawes is well on the war path with you bruv, yeah cos of dah bag and dat what bag, cause you missed a lesson you cheap […]

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Now and Then   In the summer the small town of Wanaka fills with people from every direction bringing their boats, caravans and tents that have been waiting all year for there one time in the sun.  Seeing that first boat go through traffic signalling the stampede of intruding beast behind it. The warning to […]

Experiments on Animals   Experiments continue to be performed on animals all around the world. Animals are taken to be tested on. Animal testing is the use of non-human animals in experiments that look to control the variables that affect the behavior or biological system under study. Today i’m going to talk to you about […]

The nature of survival   “People will do amazing things to ensure their survival” – Patricia Briggs This quote shows that in difficult situations people can change who they are to make sure they survive. In the text Rabbit Proof Fence directed by Phillip Noyce, Touching the Void written by Joe Simpson, Lone Survivor directed […]